International Review on Sport and Violence is an international multidisciplinary journal semester in English or French and published in the form of an "open-access journal." She intends to study the close relationship between "Sports and Violence" through two prisms main sport as a production of violence or, conversely, the sport as a means of controlling violence. These two points are at the same time a lack and a blind spot of research in the sport. Three perspectives are used: the explanation, understanding and evaluation.

In this project the definition of violence may not enroll in a broad and extensive. Indeed, restricting violence violence is to be seen, eg hooliganism, does not, on the one hand, to build knowledge on violence more muted, diffuse, symbolic, etc.. or, secondly, to consider violence as a process. Because the smallest fact or incivility have spiral effects on violence. Violence are nothing other than "performance practice" (Garfinkel, 1967), the culmination of a long process of subtle and complex social interactions between the different actors of the show or sport. Adopt a narrow definition would also be too limiting. Differences in interpretation, analysis, observation, land, methods and fields are all assets to try to understand what is at stake in sports. In fact, that one takes the point of view of the perpetrator or the victim, strong or weak, whether you live in a country in peace or war, in a city or neighborhood sensitive chic, whether you are male or female, young or old, as we have already experienced or not, violence is different for each point to say that it can be objective or subjective.

Articles submitted to the journal will be appraised anonymously by an international scientific committee.

Each issue includes:

  • a thematic section (3 to 5 items)
  • variable part (3 to 5 items)
  • of lecture notes and book reviews
  • an informative part (science news, conferences, etc.).

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