Instructions for the authors


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Body text

The paper, including the bibliography and endnotes, must be between 50,000 and 85, 000 characters in length, spaces included. It should be typed in single line spacing, using the Times New Roman font, size 12. Both the right and left margins should be a standard 2.5 cm, and the text alignment should be justified. Pages should be numbered in the lower right-hand corner starting from the first page.


No matter what the nature of the text (titles, body text, etc.) please do not use any automatic formatting.




The main title should be centred and should be in Times 14 bold (only the first letter should be capitalised). It should be followed by the surname then the first name of the author or authors in Times 12 (only the first letters of surnames and first names should be capitalised), followed by professional titles and the name of the university, laboratory or body to which the author(s) belong(s) (again in Times 12).


The following numbering format and style should be used for sub-titles, each of which should be in Times 12:


I. Chapter

1. Sub-chapter

A. Paragraph

a. Sub-paragraph


Charts and figures

Charts and figures should be inserted directly in the body of the text. Captions should appear below the corresponding chart or figure in Times 12 bold. Charts and figures should not be numbered.




Please use endnotes rather than footnotes. These should be located on a separate page before the bibliography. Please also use notes sparingly.



The bibliography should be in Times 12. Where an author has published several documents or works in the same year, these should be listed in chronological order, and each reference should be identified with a letter (in lower case), to be inserted in the body text. The bibliography should only list publications referred to in the body text. It should be set out in alphabetical order and, for each author, chronologically from the oldest to the most recent publication.

Robène, L. (1998). L’homme à la conquête de l’air. Paris, L’Harmattan. (for a work).).

Bodin, D., Robène, L., Héas, S. (2004). Sports et violences en Europe. Strasbourg, Éditions du Conseil de l’Europe. (for a joint work).

El Houlali, El Houssaïne, H. (2001). La planche du salut in D. Bodin (dir.) Sports et violences. Paris, Chiron, coll. Sports Études, 133-146. (for a chapter within a work).

Bodin, D. (2002) La déculturation du public du football comme facteur de hooliganisme. Mythe ou réalité ? Staps, 57, 85-106. (for an article).

Bodin, D., Héas, S., Robène, L. (2004). Les goûts sportifs : entre distinction et pratique élective raisonnée. Montréal. Sociologie et sociétés, vol. XXXVI, n° 1, 187-207. (for a joint article).

Debarbieux, E. (2002). L’oppression quotidienne. Recherches sur une délinquance des mineurs. Report submitted to the Institut des Hautes études de la sécurité intérieure. January 2002. (for a report, a document or a thesis. For the latter please also indicate the university to which the author belongs).



Citations in English texts should be in regular (not italicised) font style and be placed between straight quotation marks (".."). They should be preceded or followed by the author's (authors') name(s), the date of first publication and the page number, e.g.: (Duret, 1996, 27). If there has been more than one edition of a publication, the date in the body text should be the date of the first edition. However, in the bibliography the reference should be followed by (5th edition 1999) or for a translation (English translation 1994). Where the same work by the same author is cited a second time, the date should be replaced with op. cit.: (Duret, op. cit. 35). In the case of a citation from a work with joint authors, all of the authors should be listed for the first citation, but only the main author followed by et al. for subsequent citations from the same work.


Submission of papers

Papers should be submitted in duplicate to the following email addresses: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , using the following file formats:

  1. 1. one copy in .doc format, and
  2. 2. one copy in .rtf format